ASSURE, cybersecurity services for SMEs

Did you know that Spain is the third country in the world with the highest risk of being cyberattacked? In 2020, 260,000 cyber-attacks will target businesses and 80% of those affected will be SMEs.

This service was created in response to the growing need for digital protection for companies. It is a complete, secure, easy and economical service.

24×7 digital surveillance

Security at headquarters

Workplace protection

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Specialised support


Essential protection for freelancers or companies that need to protect their workstations from malware and viruses, monitor their communications and email.


Total protection for companies with staff accessing their software and information from different workstations.


Maximum protection for companies with multiple offices that need to interconnect information securely and have a backup in the cloud.

Complaints Channel

A Complaints Channel is a confidential channel through which employees, suppliers, collaborators, and other third parties who have a relationship with the organization can report suspicions of illicit conduct or conduct contrary to current legislation, the Code of Ethics, or the internal rules, procedures, and policies of the organisation.

Our software automates the registration, reception and follow-up of the report, and facilitates the organisation's compliance with its obligations. It is also a complete and intuitive tool that helps to manage possible investigations, with or without collaborators, by the Channel Manager.

What are the benefits of having it?

1. Detects and prevents unlawful conduct that may result in criminal liability for the organisation.

2. Avoids economic, legal, and reputational consequences; becoming an indicator of public transparency.

3. It reinforces the effectiveness of Regulatory Compliance programmes.

4. Guarantees confidentiality and anonymity.

5. Enables appropriate disciplinary action to be taken.